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Premium - One-Firing-Only

Meteor Clay Premium is a One-Firing clay

Meteor Clay is metalclay powder which becomes a workable metalclay by adding 15 ml distilled water per 100 g of powder.
The powder does not require special storage as long as it has not been mixed with water. Once mixed the metalclay should be wrapped in plastic food wrap, stored in an airtight plastic box and refrigerated.
For longer storage it is best to freeze the clay.
The shelf life of unfired pieces is very long and therefor there is no need to fire them right away.

Firing in a professional kiln in a stainless steel box with Coconut Shell-based activated carbon.

Start in a cold kiln, go full speed to 910 degrees Celsius and hold for 0:30 hours.

Meteor Premium Copper - 100 gram
€ 10.11
Meteor Premium Gold Bronze - 100 gram
€ 10.11
Meteor Premium Pink Bronze - 100 gram
€ 10.11