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Labradorite Round 6mm Cabochon Stone

Labradorite Round 6mm Cabochon Stone

Turquoise is a soft, opaque gemstone that takes a good polish. Its sky blue color comes from the presence of copper; green tones are provided by iron traces. Turquoise sometimes has a rock matrix and varying shades of gray, brown or black veining due to inclusions or oxide stains.

How To Set Cabochons
Here's a tip on how to set flat-backed stones such as cabochons and cameos. When setting these stones, it’s important to keep the gem level as you set the stone.

1. The bottom of the stone will sit in flat bezel or ledge; make sure that the setting is clean of debris and is perfectly flat and level.
2. Watch the stone as you adjust the prongs or bezel in case the moving metal should shift the stone.
3. Correct any problems right away.

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Labradorite Round 6mm Cabochon Stone

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High Fire: 1650F for 2 hours.
Carbon Firing: Unlimited