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Bead Builder Fitting Adaptors Mold

Bead Builder Fitting Adaptors Mold

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This mold is for creating flange adaptors for shrinkage,fitting and finished look. The mold creates 5 different size flanges that fit into bead holes created by any Bead Builder mold. By creatively using them you can control the size of hole on bead to adjust for different clays and chains.

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Bead Builder Fitting Adaptors Mold

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This mold is for easily creating hollow square base beads in any metal clay. It allows the artist to create the base shape extremely quickly and easily so they can concentrate on personalizing and customizing. They use minimal clay so even silver is a affordable clay to work with. Size is appropriate for popular bracelets like Pandora ™ but is meant to fit any size chain, bracelet or even earring posts with Bead Builder Fitting Adaptors. This mold uses approximately 6g of clay.

Bead Size 13mm Diameter(wet clay)