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Art Clay Silver

Art Clay Silver has been around since 1995. Since its launch, there has been a few different types of Art Clay Silver, including Art Clay Original Formula, Art Clay 650, Art Clay Slow Tarnish, and Art Clay 650 Slow Dry.
Manufacturer Aida has picked the best parts from their three most popular clays - easy molding from the Original, slow drying from the Slow Dry, and a low firing temperature from the 650 range.

It has a better workability and a longer working time (longer than the former Slow Dry!)
It retains and accepts moisture easier, which means it is easier to keep supple and much easier to reconstitute if it dries.
It has similar drying times (when applying heat).
It carves and files easier in the dry stage than the existing formulas.
Fire with kiln, torch or gas stove. Using a kiln the recommended time and temperatures are 30 minutes at 650°C on a continuum to only 5 minutes at 800°C.
Shrinkage 8-9%.